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About FarmFinder

FarmFinder Global Inc. is primarily focused on development through agriculture. As a registered Not-For-Profit organization, headquartered in the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados, much of the interventions target the developing world and aim to tackle their many food security vulnerabilities. The organization was founded in 2019, and exists for the sole purpose of enhancing the operations and outlook of the global farming and agricultural sector through tailor-made strategic interventions.

What We Do

FarmFinder specializes in project development and implementation support for initiatives aimed at helping the world take advantage of sharing knowledge and experiences in agriculture. This approach is reinforced by important considerations, including gender mainstreaming, renewable energy, green procurement, project management and financial management.

Every initiative undertaken by FarmFinder is based on one or more of three (3) main thematic areas:


FarmFinder is committed to expanding training opportunities in the global food and agriculture sector, as a way of ensuring that relevant skills and approaches are respectively transferred and adopted.


As an strong advocate of south-south and north-south cooperation, FarmFinder values the socio-economic gains to be made through joint initiatives between developed and lesser developed countries.


As FarmFinder expands, the barriers prohibiting communication and awareness of how various groups cope with and address issues, are decreased, thereby allowing easier, faster and more direct access among stakeholders in different countries.

Advancing Agriculture through Sustainable Interventions and
South-South Cooperation

Our Partners

Mission Statement

Our mission is to eliminate all developmental gaps that prohibit the global food and agricultural sector from thriving,  and by extension, help the global community prosper in a healthy and sustainable manner

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