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Regional Coordinator Sharon Patty (left) with one of the sponsored participants


Location: Kona Mbaya Matunda, Kenya

Start Date: December 6, 2019 

End Date: December 6, 2019

FarmFinder Global Inc. was pleased to fully sponsor the participation of 2 farmers in this training tour, which focuses on highlighting operations in dairy farming, bee farming and optimal avocado production techniques in Kenya.

Pictured here is our Regional Coordinator Sharon Patty (left) with one of our sponsored participants. These participants also formally registered with our organization and now have exposure to a wide range of expertise and knowledge from various countries in FarmFinder's expanding network. 


Participants of trainig tour observing the hass avocado orchards

Farmer (bottom left) showing participants how to extract seedlings


Location: Kisumu, Kenya

Start Date: December 2, 2019 

End Date: Ongoing

The Farmers Exchange Programme commenced in Kisumu with 26 participating farmers, who toured various establishments in the country to learn about activities and operations being undertaken other farmers. The project aims to enhance the level of knowledge exchange between farmers, thereby collectively reinforcing the region's knowledge management and agri-skills development infrastructure. 

FarmFinder provided 100% of the resources to facilitate this pilot initiative and partnered with the private sector for technical support in mobilizing the participants and logistical arrangements. 

Farmers discussing the usefulness of cattle for managing weed growth

FarmFinder team with family in Korogocho that received hampers


Location: Mathare & Korogocho, Kenya

Start Date: December 20, 2019 

End Date: Ongoing

The FarmFinder SML Project is a three (3) tiered intervention, which emphasizes the provision of immediate, as well as lasting provisions for some vulnerable families living in the shanty town areas of Mathare and Kogocho. In attempting to do so, the SML project interventions are as follows:

Short Term  - The project will provide food hampers, which will help mitigate some hardships prior to the identification of adequate agricultural training establishments. 

Medium Term - 10 female heads of households who received the hampers will be assigned to select agricultural establishments as farmhands, and introduced to techniques which will help build their skillsets in the sector.

Long Term - FarmFinder will work with local government to help identify opportunities where the trained participants can apply their skills, thereby allowing for a more sustainable approach to providing for themselves and their families.

with this approach, FarmFinder aligns to its core thematic area of Capacity Building, while adding value to addressing some issues associated to poverty, through agriculture. 

With this approach, FarmFinder is able to apply activities under its core thematic area of Capacity Building, while adding value to addressing some issues associated with poverty; through a development model centered on agriculture.

National Coordinator Sharon Patty, helping elderly recipient in Korogocho peruse his hamper

Some of the items procured by our team to make the hampers project a reality

Volunteers taking a photo with residents in Mathare

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