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Our Team

Serving the global community

Lorenzo Harewood

[email protected]

Executive Director

Lorenzo Harewood is a Barbadian International Development Consultant with many years experience working in the various industries including Banking, Insurance, Energy, Environment, Climate Change, Governance and Citizen Security.

His technical skills are in the areas of Renewable Energy and Project Management. Lorenzo possesses an Associates Degree in Economics and Political Science and a Bachelors of Science in Economics and Management. He also has a Certificate in Natural Resources Management, Graduate Certificate in Advanced Applied Project Management and a Masters in Business Administration.

Lorenzo is passionate about international development and interested in showcasing how new approaches to project management, particularly working remotely with teams in different countries, can be facilitated with an increased utilization of technology. He views agriculture as a cross cutting thematic area which can be used to address many development issues globally.

Sharon Patty

[email protected]

National Coordinator for


Sharon Patty is a Kenyan national, residing in Nairobi. She is responsible for managing the overall programme in Kenya and has applied her skills and experience in project management, youth empowerment and community development.

Prior to this assignment, she has been participating in the other voluntary humanitarian initiatives and sustainable development efforts, such as the Indian Ocean Cleanup, Tree Planting Initiatives, Farmers Exchange Programs.

Sharon earned a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) in KCA University in 2019. 

Sharon has shown her capabilities through her engagement with FarmFinder in successfully organizing and completing 3 separate interventions within the last few months.

Her vision is to promote growth in the agricultural sector, create job opportunities and collaborate with organizations for a better future for the coming generation.

National Coordinator for 

St. Lucia

Jodie Lubin is a St Lucian native and an aspiring social psychologist. She is equipped with strong interpersonal skills cultivated from years from extensive customer-service training and a diverse social network. Over the years, she has served in numerous capacities on a local and regional level. Most recently, she was elected as the President of the Saint Lucian Students Association at Cave Hill and appointed as the Events Manager of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, where she eventually became Vice President. 

Jodie believes that a life well-lived is one that is rooted in servitude. As such, she possesses a profound sense of altruism and a strong desire to quell some of the conditions that limit the expression of human potential. Jodie is a mental health advocate and her favorite past times include spending time in nature and delving into a combination of fictional and non-fictional literature.

Project Officer for


Blaire is a Barbadian Administrative Professional with many years of experience working in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. As a teenager, she began her career working in a family enterprise, where she developed her love for business.

Blaire has worked with one of the leading NGOs in Barbados as Executive Assistant, happily serving 20,000 plus members for the past 5 years. She has gained considerable experience through numerous project and programme endeavors, which she masterfully executes.

Blaire is currently completing her Masters in Business Administration at the Sagicor Cave Hill School of Business, where she aspires to aid in changing the lives of many through headways in business and social progress.

She is a visionary for what the world could be and loves to inspire others to reach their true potential.


Tamesha Watkins

[email protected]

National Coordinator for


Tamesha Watkins BSc., LL.B, LL.M, CAMS, TEP is an experienced Attorney-at-Law and compliance and corporate governance professional with a demonstrated history of working in the offshore jurisdictions of Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and the Cayman Islands. Tamesha has almost 10 years’ experience in the areas of corporate, commercial and insurance law, with a special focus on the legal and regulatory issues in the financial and insurance industries in the Caribbean. 

Tamesha currently holds the post of Legal Counsel for one of the largest financial institutions in the Caribbean region.


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